Top Ten Armies: 08/17/14

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As we veer ever closer to the Legends Cup V Finals, an army makes a staggering rise into the Top Three, while another former Top Three army rises back into the Top Ten.

Top Ten

1. Dark Warriors [+0] [93.00]

2. Ice Warriors [+5] [84.89]

3. Golden Troops [+0] [82.43]

4. Nachos [+1] [80.86]

5. Light Troops [-3] [77.00]

6. Army of CP [+0] [71.89]

7. Water Vikings [NEW!] [71.51]

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [+2] [63.51]

9. Doritos [-5] [63.31]

10. Redemption Force [-2] [61.14]

The full statistics can be found here.

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner SM Army Press.

1. Dark Warriors: Following the departure of Elmikey and Silverburg from their leadership, the Dark Warriors come in at first this week, continuing their streak for being in first place consecutive times. To start off their week, they held a battle against Nachos with sizes of 50+ troops online. They then held a Dark Warriors Party with sizes of 50+ online. They then held a U-Lead with sizes of 50+ on Club Penguin. The following day, the Dark Warriors had an Unscheduled event on Tuxedo with 45+ online. They then held a Training Session with sizes of 55+. Later, they held a raid on Tuxedo with sizes of 55+. To wrap up their week, they held an unscheduled raid on Arctic with 40+ troops.

2. Ice Warriors: With their arrival into the Legends Cup V Finals, the Ice Warriors take a huge leap to second in this week’s CPA Central Top 10. The Ice Warriors started up their week with an AUSIA Training Session, maxing 15+ troops online. The Ice Warriors then battled the Light Troops in a heated-up Practice Battle, which the Ice Warriors claimed victory. At an AUSIA “Mining Expedition”, the Ice Warriors maxed 30+ on Club Penguin. The army then held yet another Training Session, getting 24+. The following day, the Ice Warriors battled the Special Weapons and Tactics army, maxing 24+ troops. In another Practice Battle, the Ice Warriors claimed victory against the Golden Troops with 28+ troops online. The Ice Warriors then held yet another “Mining Expedition”, but this time maxed 40+ while on Club Penguin. To put their week to an end, the Ice Warriors beat the Night Warriors in their Semi-Finals battle of the Legends Cup V. With this, the Ice Warriors will be moving to the Legends Cup V Finals against either the Light Troops or the Nachos.

3. Golden Troops: The Golden Troops continue their run at World Power coming in at 3rd this week. To start their week, they held an AUSIA Mining Expedition and got sizes of 45+. Then they held an AUSIA recruiting session and got sizes of 46+. They then had an AUSIA Training Session with sizes of 22+. They had another AUSIA Training Session with sizes of 30+. They then had an AUSIA U-Lead with sizes of 27+. They then faced Ice Warriors in a Practice battle reaching sizes of 30+. Their UK Division then held a Training Session with sizes of 32+. To wrap up their week, they held an AUSIA Training Session with sizes of 35+ troops.

4. Nachos: During their war with the Doritos, the Nachos take a very small step in this week’s CPA Central Top 10. To begin their week, the Nachos astonishingly beat the Dark Warriors during their Legends Cup V battle, getting a max of nearly 50+ troops on Club Penguin. The Nachos then beat the Doritos on Ascent, claiming to max 30+ troops. Again, the Nachos claim victory against the Doritos, but this time on the server of Icebound. The Nachos got 27+ at this specific battle. At the next two battles, over the servers of Big Surf and Vanilla, the Nachos nearly maxed 25+ at both. The Nachos then successfully defended Fjord, Crystal, and Grizzly. Their war with the Doritos is still ongoing. The Nachos have a chance to move onto the Finals of the Legends Cup V, but they must get past the Light Troops first.


5. Light Troops: With their tensions between the Dark Warriors and the Ice Warriors, the Light Troops take a slight fall in this week’s CPA Central Top 10. The Light Troops began their week beating the Rebel Penguin Federation in their Legends Cup V battle. The Light Troops maxed 50+ online. Next, the Light Troops battled out the Ice Warriors, maxing 25+ on Club Penguin, claiming victory. The Light Troops then held a normal Training Session, getting another max of 25+ online at the time. At their anticipated Practice Battle against the Special Weapons and Tactics army, the Light Troops took home victory with 40+ troops online. The Light Troops have a chance to move onto the Finals of the Legends Cup V, but they will have to get past the Nachos first.

6. Army of CP: The Army of CP come in at 6th this week previous to last week’s ranking. To start their week, they held an AUSIA Recruiting Session with sizes of 24+. Then they held an AUSIA Mining Expedition with sizes of 30+. Then they held a UK Tactic Training and reached sizes of 30+.They then held an AUSIA Practice Battle against the Celts. They got sizes of 30+. They then had an AUSIA Practice Battle against Redemption Force and reached up to 39+. To finish their week, they held an unscheduled US/UK event, and reached sizes of 37+.

7. Water Vikings: Being introduced back into the community just a week ago, the Water Vikings have finally made their way back into the CPA Central Top 10 for this week. With their war against the Golds, the Water Vikings won on Frozen with 25+ troops. The following day, the Water Vikings again maxed 25+ online, but this time on Frostbite. In the midst of their week, the thriving Air Force army merged into the Water Vikings, giving them a boost into the community. The same day, the Water Vikings battled both the Golds and the Night Warriors, winning against both armies. At their Practice Battle against the Redemption Force, the Water Vikings took home victory with 18+ online. At their only AUSIA event of the week, the Water Vikings did fairly well with 15+ on Club Penguin. To end their week, the Water Vikings held a Training Session with a max of 27+ on Club Penguin.

8. Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics rise two spots in this week’s Top 10 into 8th. To start their week, they held an Unscheduled UK Training Session with 18+. Then they had a U-Lead event which saw sizes of 26+ troops. Then they had an Unscheduled AUSIA Training Session with sizes of 15+ online. Then they had a UK Practice Battle against the Light Troops and got 15+ online. Later they had an AUSIA Training Session with 15+ troops again. To wrap up their week, they had a Practice Battle against Army of Club Penguin and reached sizes of 36+ troops.

9. Doritos: During their war against the Nachos, the Doritos take quite a fall in this week’s CPA Central Top 10. To begin their week, the Doritos defended Ascent from the Nachos. Then following day, the Doritos successfully invaded Fjord from the Nachos, maxing 20+ online. The next day, the Doritos held two AUSIA invasions, including the servers of Crystal and Oyster. To put their week to an end, the Doritos defeated the Nachos at their Invasion of Grizzly. Their war against the Nachos is still going on.

usa invasion3

10. Redemption Force: The Redemption Force drop down two places coming in this week at 10th. To start their week off, they held an Unscheduled UK Training Session, and got up to 20+. Next, their UK defended their servers of Thermal and Snow Shoe with sizes of 23+ and 20+. Their AUSIA then held an Unscheduled event with sizes around 12+. Next, their UK logged in with sizes of 14+ in a Practice Battle against Water Vikings. To wrap up their week, they advanced to the Finals of a SM Army Press Tournament with sizes of 13+ troops.



The Night Warriors, who began as the Pirates in the Qualifier Round, quickly became a dark horse candidate after hitting 35 in the aforementioned round against the Pookies. The Night Warriors then easily handled the Golds, and in the following round, upset the Golden Troops in an extremely close battle. We asked our viewers this week if the Night Warriors could continue their miracle run against the Ice Warriors, who are viewed as a candidate to win it all. 129 people voted in all, and 79 said that the Ice Warriors would come out on top, while 50 said the Night Warriors would commit the biggest upset of the tournament. However, the majority was right, as the Ice Warriors defeated the Night Warriors in a 4-0 vote to move to the Legends Cup Finals.


New polls released every Sunday!

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    • 1v1 barnyard m9




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      get ur brass ass 2 wv chat <3

      • Got any oreos? I’m down for some oreos :$

        • It can be arranged.


  10. LT’s dynasty of being second is over le haha

    Next it’ll be time for them to Escar GO.

    • still above ACP

    • If that joke was in reference to my name you should know that I’m not in the light troops anymore…

      • Its not, I wanted to say that just once in my lyfe



    • yea no

  13. inb4 Doritos rage

    • they’ll open a packet of rage

    • You’re late by a couple seconds.

    • so basically the usual

  14. ice is love
    ice is life

    • your right

      • That is not how you speak English hehe

  15. IW rise 5 places YAY

  16. Good job to Nachos and IW aswell

  17. Nice top 10

  18. Dat first pic though

  19. join gt cuz swag

  20. elm go to college

  21. No PR in this top 10. :/

    • they were dqd for raiding the lc yesterday

    • 1. raiding lc
      2. i told matt that we resigned as an army cause armies are autistic

      • Unfortunately I’m still in them, but I can agree with that Boyned. Respect earned.

        • >boyned
          boyned =/= demo

  22. LOL why does acp keep practice battling small armies and just keep saying stuff like “ok troops another good ausia victory our score for our ausia is like 90 wins 2 loses 2 draws”
    i wonder what they would do if they faced real ausia invasions

    and get some real good ausia armies to pb
    if you have got balls mrtchy try pbing as at 6 pm any server any day.

    ps: the time i mentioned is 6 pm ist and not like jst for your jap guy to login *wary*
    its ist

    • The AUSIA times can be different time zone, dumbass. IST isn’t even the majority of AUSIA people, you guys should stick to UK times and just use them for AUSIA events, they’re the only people that attend your ‘AUSIA’ anyway lmfao

      I don’t like Practice Battling armies who think they’re the best when they’re not loool, if you think our AUSIA is so bad then why do you want to challenge us? Hypocrite Dinesh, go abuse, it’s all you’re good for!!!

      • someone’s mad

        • Dinesh, you mean? The guy having a go at me blindlessly…

          • you’re one to spout the abuse horn

            • ooo

              • So much drama

                • Last time I was watching an ACP ausia event I believe it was a mining expedition on a 5 bar and even then ACP was small.

      • you should focus on your own army because you’ve been 6th for 2 weeks now, embarrassing.

  23. lul dcp sux

  24. finally matt listened
    yeah just in case anyone hasnt heard pr resigned as an army so we’re not going to be in any top 10s
    now people have a chance

    • “now people have a chance”
      Did PR ever get more than 8th or something? :lol:

      • tbh yes they did

      • 1st, we got 7th from the conquest games
        2nd, it was more of a joke ;)

        • o sry I don’t recall seeing PR ever joke before

          • i recall GT joking once.. when they hired you.

            • #REKT

            • That would’ve been funny if GT actually sucked with me as leader, unfortunately for you, we’ve haven’t fell off the top 3 not even once.

              • they’ll fall once your magic carpet runs out of fuel.

              • Actually the first week when you were away, GT were 2nd. Then when you came back they dropped to 3rd.

                • this is first week you are talking about
                  this is second week when i came back:

                  • sercan is on some voodoo shit

            • OOOOOOOOOOO SNAP

              +23 pts for eyes !!!

              k crawling back into my hole now…

              • *SMAP
                Oh SMAP Son.

  25. When I saw WV in top ten

    • LMAO

    • 3spooky9me

  26. Congrats to all of the armies in the top ten!

  27. stfu to all haters!

    • fuck you, you bookworm.

      • Haters gonna hate

        • people-who-like-to-fake-pictures-to-make-their-army-look-good gonna edit.

    • All hail king Earthing

      • What’re you, Earthing logged out?

    • Go deep throat a horse.

    • Go back home Earthing.

      • Earthing is a legend

        • “Legend”.
          Let’s break down the armies he’s fucked with.
          Creates Exrate Army, multilogs and fakes pictures
          Creates Earthing Warriors, multilogs and fakes pictures
          Recreates Purple Republic invalidly claiming they will be a real army with no bots or anything, multilogs and fakes pictures.
          Creates Celts. Fakes pictures.
          Creates Franks.
          What the fuck do you think is gonna happen next.


    • Nope

  29. “The same day, the Water Vikings battled both the Golds and the Night Warriors, winning against both armies”

    Except for the fact Night Warriors won

    • You see, they saw pics, WV won

      • Probably because zakster who wrote the descriptions is known to be WV affiliated.

        nice job upvoting ur own comment btw, it really proves u win the argument

        At the battle, you maxed 18 at best and claimed victory because of your inflated sizes.

        • i didnt write descriptions
          please try again next time

          • i was told u did

            blame waterkid

            • you listened to waterkid
              theres your first mistake l0l

            • luv u tho sry flamez <3

      • Cut


  31. dw 5ever
    lol @ rpf

    • DW never

  32. gj to DW & GT. elm go to college

  33. RedemptionForce41stplace

  34. DW maxed 33 yesterday, not 55 :/

    • Are you stupid. We had lockouts. I even proved it.

      • everyone knows crose is stupid

        • 1 week ago this comment would have 15 upvotes


  36. Rip ACP!

  37. remember that time waterkid asked the last time iw was in the top 3
    oh ya, that was just now

  38. Great rise for Iw! Gj :D

  39. DW approves

  40. ok TT-TT


  42. Unfinished business. :I

  43. Glad it didn’t click that link. :O

  44. <3 wv

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