Tanman626 Joins Fire Warriors Leadership

ROCKY ROAD, FW Capital – CPAC Legend and former Nachos leader, Tanman has joined the Fire Warriors as the US Leader. “I’m very pleased that we have a CP Army Legend joining us as our US Leader.” -Max. The current leadership now of the Fire Warriors is Max/Cassius, Stromae, Vexillarius Sidie, and Tanman626. What does this mean for the Fire Warriors? 

Tanman626, the Golden Age Nacho Leader, and CP Army Legend has returned to the community joining the Fire Warriors. Tanman626 is the Nachos leader that led Nachos into their Golden Age maxing 72+ and fighting off RPF and various wars with the ACP. Tanman is a very respected leader through out the CP Army Community and almost everyone should know of Tanman626.

With Tanman626 and Cassius in the same army even leading together people would think havoc. I talked to Cassius/Max and he said that Tanman626 even though their both former armies were rivals that he was a well respected leader even to him. With Tanman’s leadership capabilities wont Fire Warriors be almost unstoppable?

Fire Warriors – The Return

After some days of deep thought, reflection and discussion – I have finally made the decision to re-open the Fire Warriors

This army has lain dormant for the best part of three years. There have been various attempts to re-create and re-open FW, some of which I have been involved in – others which I have not. These attempts ALL failed because they just didn’t have enough organisation and not enough effort was put in to them.

This ALL changes NOW.

There have only ever been three armies that I deeply cared about in my time here – they were ACP, RPF and FW. I have had a commendable and lauded career in ACP & RPF, but I am finished in both of those armies. I cannot and will not go back to them for various reasons.

The truth is that I cannot in good conscience allow the Fire Warriors to be remembered as “That army with the fancy graphics that always died”. I am going to change the perception of this army FOREVER – and I have a dedicated team in what will be the Leadership behind me.

I know most of you reading this will probably never have been in the 2009 Fire Warriors – but that army was something special. It was more than an army, it was acommunity and a family. We can be the army we once were, and so much more.

We’re not just on a mission to revive Fire Warriors  – we’re here to revolutionise Club Penguin Armies.

A revolution to become not only the number one army, but to cement FWs name into the annals of history. For many in this leadership, including me – this is our last and final stand. We will make this something to remember – and we will never let FW die again.



-Max UK Leader of the Fire Warriors

I went to the Fire Warriors chat to interview Cassius/Max, UK Leader of the FW.

Q: What do you think of Tanman coming to the Fire Warriors?

I’m very pleased that we have a CP Army Legend joining us as our US Leader – he’s very welcome – and we have high ropes
for him. 

Q: Do you think Tanman’s leadership will have an affect on the size of FW?

 Of course. Tanman is a Grade A Leader and he is the man who got Nachos to 75 on CP. He has a proven record of strong leadership.

Q: What made you come out of retirement for the Fire Warriors?

This is my last shot in the community. I could not let Fire Warriors continue to be remembered as a “dead army that had good graphics”. FW Will never EVER close down again – I intend on taking it right to the top.I also came out of retirement because I have a dedicated and experienced team behind me. Which I have not had previously.

So what does this mean for Fire Warriors? On their opening date will they have great sizes? Will Tanman’s leadership last a long time? Will Tanman be able to make FW have the Golden Age that the Nachos once had?

Lord Jay 

CPAC Associate Producer


11 Responses

  1. I don’t know how to respond to this. I love Tan, but I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Tan, Lead FW well.

  2. fuck this

  3. “Tanman626, the Golden Age Nacho Leader, and CP Army Legend has returned to the community joining the Fire Warriors.”

    Tan has been IW 5ic and Nachos Advisor for at least 1-2 weeks but ok. Good luck tan.

  4. The only army left to come back are the Aqua Warriors. The Warriors Army shall return :mrgreen:

    • Andrew let zuke remake aqua warriors, it was a failure of course

      • no

        • ya

          • no

            • LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Pls let Zuke remake Aqua Warriors. Just one chance bro.

            • ya

  5. This post was added to the staff record page.

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