Redemption Force Chat Hijacked by Leader

UPDATE #4, 3:03PM EST: The Redemption Force chat is now under control of Blaze, the owner of the chat. Blaze stated how no one else will be getting Main Owner until everything is clear.

UPDATE #3, 2:46PM EST: CPA Central is now aware that the hijacker may not Rishron. While searching around the banpool, we see that the real Rishron was too banned by the so called “Rishron”.

UPDATE #2, 2:36PM EST: The Redemption Force chat is again taken over by “Rishron”, with yet another chat reset. Everyone is, again, banned forever.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 2.36.45 PM

UPDATE #1, 2:28PM EST: The Redemption Force chat is now under control of Reacon. It is unclear who did actually hijack the chat, as rumors have been flowing around.

THERMAL, Redemption Force Capital – After their rise through CPA Central, Rishron, one of the many Redemption Force leaders, has taken over the chat.

This past week, the Redemption Force were once again introduced into the CPA Central Top 10, bringing relief to their leaders.

The Redemption Force last week, appearing in the CPA Central Top 10.

The Redemption Force leaders were doing great things with their army, especially in their current war against the Rebel Penguin Federation. They have been growing in sizes, thriving on the battlefield.

Over the past few days, there have been new additions to the Redemption Force’s leadership. Both Reacon and Freezie66 were newly introduced to the thriving army. One of the leaders, Rishron, was unhappy by this decision.

Rishron was mainly responsible for the Redemption Force’s AUSIA Division, which has been keeping stable due to their current war. With this, Rishron felt as if Reacon and Freezie66 would be taking all of the credit, of his hard work with the army.

Because of this, early today during one of their war battles, Rishron took over the Redemption Force chat. Everyone and their mother were banned.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 2.01.18 PM

I helped get this army big, only to be thrown away. Reacon and Freeze are just going to take all of the credit after I worked my @ss off to get the AUSIA to do better. I now understand that I was used. The leaders of this army are backstabbers and sell-outs.

Leave RF.

                                                                                       – Excerpt of the chat background.

At this time, only a few people have been unbanned on the Redemption Force’s chat. It is unknown when the chat will be under control, so CPA Central will keep you updated on the upcoming events.

What do YOU think about the Redemption Force’s chat being hijacked? Will this change thoughts within the army? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief

26 Responses

  1. My god…

    • lol it wuz me

  2. Pass me the chowder

  3. Well well well. Thanks to Sora and Sushine for evacuating everyone though.


  5. who cares

  6. Its sneezy

  7. It wasn’t Rish haha

  8. Who cares?

  9. Well…. Hackers gonna burn in hell

  10. who cares. also cpac stop snooping around *wary*

    • dislike me cpac I really don’t care about your sorry little opinions

      • alright then stop reading cpac you dumb prick you’re only supporting us by commenting not detracting us

        • im going to read what I want to read. you’re kind of a bi*ch

      • for every comment = you garner more negative attention
        every time you view CPAC = 1.5 of a view goes to them

        dont like it? fuck off.

        • Just stating a point and plus like I said earlier I don’t give a crap

          • you’re stating a point that will be totally disregarded and thrown back in your face, red.

            • Just because elm hates cpac doesn’t mean I have too :P

              • you said you dont care about CPAC’s ‘sorry little opinions’ and then turn your opinion right around and say this? yeah man, smooth.

  11. what people would be like if that happened to AR: SET UP! TRYING TO GET FAME! L0L NOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Freezie did it, it has been confirmed by me, Blaze and Dom.

  13. I was once a potato.

    A very special potato.

  14. omfg I didn’t predict this

  15. who cares about smap armies

    • cpac army now ;)

  16. Yeah leave RF and join PR. Drill grils with us today

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